In A Town Called Google The Keyword Is Real Estate

The late Conrad Hilton who built a chain of hotels across the world, was firmly of the belief that if he built a hotel in the right location it would make money. “Location, Location, Location” was his motto. Never build a hotel where there ain’t no traffic.

The same rule applies on the Internet. Build your site in the right location and it will succeed.

So the question is: “how do I find the right plot of Internet real estate on which to build my site?”

For the purposes of this exercise I would like you to imagine a smart seaside town called Google.

Along the sea front and around the marina, where the luxury yachts are parked, are smart hotels, casinos and apartment blocks. At street level in each of these buildings there are international shops like Tiffany, Gucci and Prada selling luxury goods.

In the next block back from the front are really nice houses owned by wealthy citizens. And behind them are not-quite-so-nice houses and apartments. So it goes, as you walk away from the sea front the houses and shops become less and less expensive. Until, just on the outskirts of the town of Google, there is a trailer park where the least wealthy citizens stay.

In the town of Google it costs a lot of money to rent one of the shops on the seafront because they are seen by large numbers of passers-by. These will be both the wealthy people staying in the town and day-trippers who are just sight-seeing. However, you can rent a shop in the trailer park for much less money. Here you will still get valuable passing traffic but the competition will not be nearly so great.

The mistake that most people make when they build their web sites is to build around keywords which all the powerful multi-nationals are using for their seafront stores. These organizations are spending mega bucks to get their web sites to the top positions on the search engines. Your chances of competing with them and achieving a top search engine ranking are very slim.

Much better to build your web site around the ‘trailer park’ keywords. Where you can still get masses of valuable traffic, but you’re not competing with the mega-buck budgets of the multi-national corporations.

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How to choose the perfect digital Camera for you!

How to Choose the Perfect Digital Camera for YOU!

The huge variety of Digital Cameras in the market is a great thing but it is making our buying decision a difficult task. The following buying tips will help you make a better, more educated, focused and rational purchase decision. Please take into acccount that there is no one perfect Digital Camera that contains all the requiered features and sells at a low price too, so it will be a compromise like many others we make in life.

Do You Really Need a Digital Camera?

To answer this compare the price of mid range digital cameras and devide it by the cost of a roll of film. How many rolls of film you need to buy before covering the cost of your digital camera? On average good mid range digital camera cost aprox $ 600. Film will avarage $ 2. you will buy 200 rolls of films before ever covering the cost of your new digital camera. Think about it, how much time in terms of years would it take to shoot 300 rolls of film X 36 frames? It is almost 11,000 pictures! Shooting ten rolls a year on average would take 30 years to spend $ 600 in terms of rolls of film and if the cost of the camera was only $ 200 then it will take

Build Your Business With an Advertiser Network

The Advertiser Network or Advertising Network or Ad Network is back to its old form. An advertiser network is a company that bridges the gap between a website that seeks to host advertisement and the publishers who run ads.Ad network has been a successful online marketing medium.It is a key to successful online business.Joining an ad network has several benefits.Ad networks come in many forms such as emails,websites,blogs,RSS feeds and so on.

Many of the advertisers complain that the networks they have chosen are failing to deliver the desired result.They promised something else and now they are offering a shattering result.It is not because the network is not good.The problem lies some where else.The reason behind such disastrous result is lack of communication between the advertiser and the network.

In order to run a successful campaign both parties should have the same objectives and a strong communication goal.Often you need to discuss your strategies,plans and tactics with the network to get a good output.You can get most out of a network by following these tips.

Rely on the Experts

Never go for a network blindly.Go for a little research work before choosing a network.Go through their track record.Find out what are their areas of expertise.For higher conversion rate collaborate with them regularly.It is very important to offer unique offers to the publishers.

Research is Important

You should not go for a random offer and wait to see whether it works or not.Work together with the network you have chosen to find out the elements that can make your campaign a great success.Go for limited publishers.It is necessary to check what works.If your test result gives high conversion rate then you are on the right path.

Go for Direct Response

If your campaign is not working it can be also because you don’t go for direct response from the consumers.Try to be direct response savvy.It really works.Understand the power of a landing page.Before creating a landing page ask the network the secrets behind the success of a previous campaign.Offer what the consumers want and your offers will immediately drive conversions.

Don’t Limit the Possibilities

It is important for you to understand when you should be flexible or tough with a network.Don’t put too much restriction on the network.Discussing the compliance issue with the network frankly is crucial.If the network keeps the spirit of a campaign give it enough freedom to do its job.


Choose a network that has a good understanding of the economic pulse of an industry.They know how payouts are set.They can help you to go for a competitive payout.A publisher will never run your ad if the payout is low.So choose a network that can strike a balance between the advertiser and the publisher and can help you to deliver ads at a reasonable rate.

Go for a Single Network

Don’t be puzzled by choosing too many networks.It may not work as they will compete with each other and you will be a looser at the end.Rather go for one network you trust.Choosing one network will be price effective as well.When you will concentrate on a single Advertiser Network,communicate with it regularly,convey your objectives and track compliance it issure to offer good result.

Should You Consider A Sugar Free Life Style Part I?

If you have a sweet tooth, a sugar free life style simple doesn’t make sense or does it? For you it makes the best sense. Perhaps the biggest reason to consider a shift in eating would be for your good health and to fight chronic health diseases, i.e. heart attack, stroke and diabetes. Although sweets add great taste and zest to your life, the empty calories are slowly killing you.

When you consider a sugar free life style, you come one step closer to becoming the best you that you can be. Why? By eliminating sugar and foods that become sugar in your gastrointestinal tract (GI tract), you will begin to feel like your old self within a matter of weeks. A brand new you will emerge. Most people feel bad daily without really knowing the cause. Most often, you feel bad because of your eating habits.

So it becomes pretty simple, change your eating habits and change the way you feel! Your decision to go sugar free can’t be just an ��•I’ll try it to see if it works” decision. To change your eating habits to a sugar free dietary program will require a quality decision on your part. You will need to determine if the change is right for you. Do research, read everything you can find about the benefits and then make your decision—one way or the other.

Your sugar free lifestyle, coupled with a daily caloric intake, will help you lose weight. America is overweight! Obesity has reared its ugly head even among middle school aged youngsters. Recent research has confirmed a direct correlation between the size of your waist to chronic heart diseases. Men with a waist size of larger than 39” is at risk for heart disease and diabetes even more so than those with smaller waist sizes. So a really sensible plan in addition to a sugar free life style is a lower caloric intake. Part II of this article will discuss the daily caloric intake and how to determine the teaspoons (tps) of sugar you can consume each day. Click here to read Part II.

When you consume more calories than you burn with your daily activities, your body stores these calories as fat. So the ideal situation is to burn all the calories you consume. A sugar free lifestyle goes hand in hand with a good daily exercise plan. Before you begin an exercise program, consult your physician to be sure you are healthy enough to exercise. The exercise and daily calorie plan will be discussed in a Part II article.

Yes, you should consider a sugar free life style. It will take some planning, you will need to be devoted to your plan but above all you will need to make a quality decision to stick with your sugar free life style plan. Maybe it is not too late to reverse the damage already done to your body. You may be able to get off some of the medications you are currently taking. You’ll feel better; you’ll lose weight and you will be healthier if you do. As always, eat healthy my friends. Remember to go to the above blog to read Part II.

Home Remodeling Could be Costly

The fact that remodeling the whole house is expensive, ought to be known to every homeowner. Your expenditure for the home remodeling can not be avoided as there is no other alternative. However, the most important consideration that you\’ll want to think about before is the rationale that you want to do so. If the cause is bettering living conditions for your family, then cost is of no consideration especially if you have the financial means.
On the contrary, if you are simply remodeling to increase the value of your house for when you sell it then you may not be that interested on spending every single cent you have if you are not going to attain considerable returns. When you consider the entire cost, then you ought to spend some time on it. You must take into consideration the price change of various items required for remodeling. For example if your contractor has quoted 00 for building an additional wall, and you actually the materials costing cheaper, you can save some money in this area. ,Most of the time the reverse holds true where the actual cost of completion overshoots the budgeted price.
Get the opinion of someone else.
If you are really considering taking on the remodeling projects of your house then it may not to be a bad idea seek out second opinions when it comes to researching on how much everything will cost. It is quite possible that you find an outstation contractor company who visit your home only during weekends to do your job. Of course when the commuting costs are added, then the cost difference may not be too much.
Interestingly, the cost of home remodeling may vary widely between two companies though they are from the same city. The point of utmost importance is to take multiple costing for completing the job if you want to get full worth of money spent.
Costs which you are not even aware of
There are also hidden costs that are typically always associated with remodeling your house. You may not have thought about this, but the cost of removing debris can run into several thousands. Of course your contractor could get it done cheaper than your own resources, but this is an important aspect of home remodeling cost.
All these points hold equal importance when you are remodeling your home. It is important to check and compare the cost of materials along with all hidden costs from several sources, before you embark on such a project.

Benefits of a Home Improvement Loan


Some of the many benefits of a Home Improvement Loan are outlined below. Home Improvement Loans are ideal if you need more space but cannot afford to move house. Lofts can be converted and extensions built. As the number of mortgage applications declines Home Improvement Loans are an increasingly popular option for home owners and growing families. 

A Home Improvement Loan is great if you want to raise a large amount; are having problems getting an unsecured loan; or have a bad credit history – you may be able to get a Home Improvement Loan even when you have been turned down for an unsecured loan. 

Moving property is expensive – solicitors, estate agents, stamp duty, new soft furnishings – the list seems to go on and on. And most of this is money down the drain. Why move home when you can get a Home Improvement Loan and save money? A Home improvement Loan could be the easiest and cheapest way to make improvements to your home. 

With a Home Improvement Loan you can borrow from £5,000 to £75,000 with low monthly repayments. The loan can be repaid over any term between 5 and 25 years, depending on your available income and the amount of equity in the property that is to provide the security for the loan. 

With competitive rates and a quick decision a home improvement loan could well be just what you need to enable you to finance your dream improvements. 

Some obvious benefits of a Home Improvement Loan are: 

An easy and manageable route to generating extra cash. With a remortgage you have the same expenses you do when taking on a mortgage, surveys, valuation, mortgage indemnity and solicitors fees to pay. With a Home Improvement Loan you have none of this, making it easier to arrange. 

You can use the cash for any purpose – for example, debt consolidation, home improvements, buying a car or going on holiday. 

Using a Home Improvement Loan for Debt Consolidation means that with one single payment each month, you have more control over your monthly budget. Borrow from £5,000 to £75,000 

Repayment period can be anything from 5 – 25 years 

Protected payment plans can provide extra peace of mind 

You can add value to your property 

Save on all moving costs 

Get the home of your dreams without moving house 

You may freely reprint this article provided the author’s biography remains intact: 

About the author: John Mussi is the founder of Direct Online Loans who help UK homeowners find the best available loans via the www.directonlineloans. website. 

7 Tips I Wish I Had Known 6 Months Ago About Online Marketing


7 Tips I Wish I Had Known 6 Months Ago About Online Marketing

(c) by Laurie Meade

1—The importance of a schedule and staying focused. Keeping on task. schedule promotions Plan and make a task schedule for project ideas. schedule purchases — (don’t buy on impulse, the offer will still be there in a day or so!) schedule time — (remember to schedule time for family members as well :o) schedule breaks from the computer — (not just physical breaks, take your mind of your business and have some fun –, you’ll be more fresh and productive when you go back to work!)

2—The importance and value of keeping good records, Financial Promotional Backing Up Files Affiliate Information Passwords Contacts

3— Don’t try and run an online business with AOL. I personally have nothing against AOL It is a great service for the computer illiterate newbie. However, once you get the basics down, you can be much more productive with a different ISP. AOL does not allow you to filter email the way it needs to be filtered. 

When I was doing my business through AOL, I sometimes would be dealing with over 500 emails a day. No way to send them to different folders as in Outlook Express, MailWasher or many other email programs. Unless they have drastically changed things in Version 8, it is one of the few that doesn’t work with third party email programs. This just leads to wasted time and frustration.

4— Speaking of wasted time. 

Get a DSL hook up. 

The extra cost is worth it in the matter of time saved. Instantaneous downloads. 

Web pages that come in as fast as the click of a mouse.

It means more productive time spent on the computer. More productivity means more money.

5— Learn what a great tool Yahoo can be. I have read good comments and bad, about Yahoo. All I know is from my own experience. When I first started online, I exchanged a review for a copy of FrontPage 2002. While reviewing it, I put up a “practice site” on geocities. You can visit it here:

I read where you had to have a domain name for people to take you seriously. I agree. However, I learned that a free site is very beneficial to your business as well. Putting links on a free site will bring traffic to your domain name. If you use, it will help you get listed in the Yahoo Directory eventually. Two of my pages at the above mentioned site, are listed in the Yahoo Directory. They are also the two that get the most traffic. By putting links on these pages to my other domain names, I can take advantage of all that free traffic.

You will also able to access this site from any computer, even when yours is down. 

You can start and manage groups easily. I love the convenience of running AutoResponse Plus right at my website. However, having a group to promote articles on Yahoo, makes more sense. Once someone has signed up for one Yahoo Group, it is a simple click of a button to add other groups. 

This is where the power of numbers comes in. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Jump in and join the success by following those who came before you.

6— Take the time to learn how to use Ebay. Even if your plan doesn’t entail becoming a powerseller, by putting up a few auctions, you can direct traffic to your site and increase sales. You can learn everything you need and more from the ebooks offered at this site:

I had wanted to learn Ebay but kept putting it off. To many other things to do. Because of a planned move, and the necessity of getting rid of valuable stuff, I started researching the ebooks I had about how to go about putting up an auction. 

I sold more in one month, July 2002, than I had from Feb. through June, using Ebay. I also received my first affiliate commissions, several of them, from both my geocities and domain name websites that same month. It was definitely worth the time invested for my business. It can be a great traffic building for your business. 

Email me at if you have questions on Ebay auctions. I will help through emails any way I can.

7— Don’t be afraid to do a press release. I had read many articles about how they could bring you big traffic. I also read how difficult they were to get read. I worried about too much publicity, invading my privacy. 

I researched and studied how to do it, and took the plunge. It worked. The very first time. I got my press released published at

8— Write it down when you think about it. Too often, I have written an article in my mind. Then it never seems to make it to paper. Being a single mom of three, I am busy. I have found by talking into a digital recorder or tape recorder, I can be more productive. Use that waiting time. This article was generated in my mind while waiting at a bus stop with my almost 2 year old. (He was strapped safely in his stroller with a snack, of course :o)

This article promised 7 tips— I give you 10. These are my bonus tips. 

9– Always give more than you promise. Everyone loves freebies. Put something for free on your site. It will generate more traffic. Then incorporate that freebie to generate sales. Writing articles is a great way to do this.

10– Promote free articles. After you have written several on the same topic, you can create a free ebook. Offer it as a tool for webmasters to customize and give away for free. You can offer this customization for free or charge a fee for it. Put affiliate links in your ebook articles to promote backend sales.

If I had known all these things 6 months ago, my business would be bringing in more sales everyday. Learn from my mistakes so you can profit faster.

About the author: For more detailed information on each of these tips subscribe to my Free Ezine — “Yes You Can” Visit for more details. Subscribe at

3 Things That Are Important To Do In Online Marketing Even When


3 Things That Are Important To Do In Online Marketing Even When You Really Goof Up That You Should Know! by Lisa Cope

Online marketing is not as easy as it is sometimes made out to be. There are many things as an online marketer that you must do even when you really goof up BIG!

1. Make sure you try, try and TRY again.

One of the main reasons I believe that most people fail in online

marketing is because when they really goof up they are afraid to try again.

Take this example. This morning I was trying out a great new tool. It really is fantastic and it would have worked great if I hadn’t been in such a hurry to see the end result. 

In my haste to see the finished product I inadvertently hit the create button way to soon and ended up submitting and unfinished, non punctuated, mis-spelled article that made absolutely no sense to, I have no idea how many publishers, with my name all over it. 

They know who they are and I hope with all sincerity that they will laugh when they read this and forgive my unintentional waste of their valuable time.

2. Learn the lesson and go on.

It is important especially in online marketing to learn the lesson and go on. Because when you make a big goof you feel as if everyone is watching to see if you will give up or go on. By going on you are admitting that you are human and you make mistakes. 

Some would say that it is fatal to your business to let your human side show. But I say it is important to let people see that there is a real person on the other side of their computer connections. Mistakes included.

3. Turn your goof into a opportunity

Sometimes when we goof big we spend a lot of time kicking ourselves for messing up. STOP IT!

Instead try turning your goof into an opportunity to prove that you can do better. Prove that even though you mess up you are completely capable of achieving the task at hand.

So, I guess what I am trying to say is with each goof made there is lesson learned. What you do with that lesson is up to you.

My suggestion is that you try, try and then try again.

Lisa M. Cope – an Online Marketer that isn’t afraid to admit she goofs up! 

“With my goof in mind and my big lesson learned I will continue to try and try until one day I get it right”.

Copyright 2002 Lisa Cope. Please feel free to pass this article on to your friends, or use it in your ezine or newsletter. It’s a shareware article.

About the author: Lisa M. Cope – an Online Marketer that isn’t afraid to admit she goofs up! 

“With my goof in mind and my big lesson learned I will continue to try and try until one day I get it right”.

Guide to Home Improvement Loans


Here is a useful guide to Home Improvement Loans. What is a Home Improvement Loan? Basically, a Home Improvement Loan is a loan to be used for home improvement purposes. 

Home Improvement Loans are secured on your property and can be used by anybody looking to make home improvements. A home improvement loan is particularly good if you don’t want to use your savings or do not have sufficient saved for your home improvement project. 

The amount you will be allowed to borrow will really depend on the lender you use and the amount of equity in your property. You will also be assessed on criteria such as your income, your spending and your credit rating in certain cases. 

Some lenders will also limit amounts depending on what you want to use your home improvement loan for. You can raise home improvement finance to cover anything from a small project to major building work. 

With a Home Improvement Loan you can borrow from £5,000 to £75,000 with low monthly repayments. The loan can be repaid over any term between 5 and 25 years, depending on your available income and the amount of equity in the property that is to provide the security for the loan. 

With a Home Improvement Loan, you can afford the extension, new kitchen or bathroom, conservatory, landscaped garden, redecoration you want right where you are, in your own home. You can add value to your property and save on all those moving costs too. 

If you take out a specialist home improvement loan deal then you may find that your money is paid in instalments before pre-agreed work is completed. This allows you to manage your budget much more effectively and access your cash simply when you need it. 

So, if you spend less than you budgeted for, then you could save yourself some money by not borrowing more than you needed to. 

If you go over budget, then you’ll still have ready access to the money you need. You can also tie your home improvement loan into your existing mortgage package – so you will benefit from lower interest rates and may be able to release equity to help fund your project. 

Most consumers will secure their home improvement loan against their property to access better rates – there is always the risk here that you could lose your home if you don’t make all your regular repayments. Although you can take out payment protection insurance to help prevent this, it will cost you more to do so.

Cash Now For Your Real Estate Contract



The private mortgage industry is a relatively young business with roots that can be traced 

directly to the emergence of seller-backed, or owner, financing. Prior to the very high 

interest rates of the late 70s and 80s, seller-backed financing was not a common financing 

option. The only loan option for most real estate buyers was through a bank or savings and 

loan institution. But with interest rates topping out at 22 percent, financing for real 

estate was either unavailable or too unattractive for most buyers. Real estate sales 


Desperate, those with real estate on the market turned to innovative, unusual ways to 

attract buyers. One of the quickest to catch on was seller-backed financing. The seller 

would “hold paper” on the property, allowing the buyer to pay a mortgage directly to the 

seller. Simple and straightforward, the financing option appealed to both the seller and the 

buyer because it beat the high interest rates and circumvented the unavailability of 

traditional financing. Often this was the only way to sell real estate in the high interest 

rate market. 

As more and more individuals held private mortgages (called private because they are not 

held by banks), a need developed for the holder to be able to sell these mortgages. Thus, 

the private mortgage industry was born. Seller-backed financing has developed into an 

accepted and standard way to finance real estate. As a result, the private mortgage industry 

has flourished, earning a place of respect in the financial community. 

The amount of private real estate paper has risen dramatically. It is conservatively 

estimated that over $226 billion in real estate purchases is financed through private 

(non-institutional) notes. 

Seller financing provides many advantages to buyers and seller, but one area of concern to 

many sellers is liquidity. How do they get cash from the note if they need it or want it? 

Will they be saddled with a 15-year note or longer rather then having the cash that is 


In response to this need, funding sources buy paper from note holders for cash, usually at a 

discount off the principal balance of the note. This provides a means for the holder to 

receive cash now instead of having to wait out the term of the note. 

The evolution of this secondary market for privately-held paper has increased the 

attractiveness of seller-backed financing, giving the seller a “fall-back” position. Some 

sellers turn their notes over directly after the sale; others hold the notes until the cash 

is actually needed. Selling property, holding a note and then selling the note for cash is 

the yield equivalent of selling property for cash. 


In order to obtain an accurate quote, it is necessary to have up to date information about 

the note. All quotes will be subject to due diligence by the note purchaser. 

The first critical item of due diligence will be verifying the credit worthiness of the 

payer (mortgagor). The lower the credit score, likely the lower the offer. 

The second critical item is a drive-by appraisal or valuation with comparisons of similar 

houses and neighborhoods. The note purchaser wants to be sure there is adequate value. 

One of the key things many people do not realize is they do not have to sell the whole note. 

The note holder will always receive more money over time if they only sell part of the note. 

We recommend that a note holder determine the amount of cash needed. A quote can be obtained 

telling how many payments will be required in order for the note holder to receive the 

necessary cash. 

There are many options available when you have a contract or note and are trying to raise a 

lump sum of cash: 1) sell the entire balance of the contract; 2) sell a specified number of 

payments; 3) sell part of each payment, while continuing to receive the balance. 

About the author: Would you like to turn your real estate note into cash? Save time and money… Work with a 

professional. With over a decade of experience, Louise Pointer can help you avoid common